How to prepare for your real estate photography shoot

Prepare your home before the shoot to make sure you put your best foot forward.

Buyers start their search online and spend an average of 7 seconds looking at each photo. That’s not a lot of time to capture their attention. Make your real estate photos pop and make the best first impression you can by following these tips:

  • Thoroughly clean the whole house (vaccuum and mop all floors, clean countertops, clean windows)

  • Pick up clutter throughout the entire home. Especially personal items, like family photos, pet beds, anything that will show a buyer that the home is occupied by someone else (we want them to vision themselves in the home)

  • Turn ON all overhead lights and lamps

  • Replace all burned out light bulbs

  • Use bulbs of the same temperature (Uniformity is key to make sure the photos have the best result)

  • Turn all ceiling fans OFF

  • Turn all TV’s OFF

  • Turn all computer screens OFF

  • Open blinds / window treatments to let the outside light in

  • Remove family photos and replace with general art / landscape or object photos

  • Make ALL beds tight and without wrinkles.

  • Close garage doors

  • Remove cars from driveway and front of home

  • Move trash cans inside garage

  • Clean up landscaping (mow, trim shrubs, clear leaves)

  • Remove empty planters and pots

  • Remove visible water hoses

  • Remove toys, sports balls, basketball goals, etc

  • Put all pets in kennels away from areas to be photographed

  • Place all food, water bowls, pet toys and beds away from areas to be photographed

  • Remove everything from outside of the refrigerator doors (ie magnets, papers, photos etc)

  • Remove dishes from sink and place in dishwasher

  • Remove clean dishes from countertops

  • Clear bathroom countertops completely. (No soap, toothbrushes, medications, deodorants, etc)

  • Close toilet seats and lids

  • Remove shampoos, soap, loofas, childrens toys, etc from showers and tubs

  • Remove dirty towels - Leave out only new, unused towels

Following these tips will insure that you have the best results for awesome, eye catching real estate photos that help your home sell fast!